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Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Jersey Devils Forecheck gets it done!

Tonight's win was a solid team win. Almost every single Devil player got a shot on goal. The Devils only scored two on 41 shots. However, it was all they needed to push it to a shootout for the second game in a row. Also, for the second game in a row Kovalchuk and Parise delivered goals on the first two shooters on the shootout. Only tonight both players shot on their forehands to put the puck past Rinne.

Check out tonight's recap:

Check out Thursdays Shootout Goal by Parise:

It's still early in the season but there are a lot of good things happening on the ice for the New Jersey Devils. By no means have they played perfect yet, but getting 40 shots on goal in both of their last two games is something worth talking about. The forecheck tonight was a key point in Clarkson's goal. Tedenby and Fayne put the pressure on to keep the puck in the offensive zone. Tedenby was able to pull away from the Predators Defense making them think shot all the way. He was then able to dish the puck off to Clarkson, who slid the puck past Rinne halfway through the third. A big contributing factor was the production out of the blueliners. The Devils D tallied about 12 shots on goal and an assist on both Devils goals.

Fight at the right time. 
Cam Janssen does not produce that much but he knows how to get his team going. The Devils were already down 2-0. Cam picked a good time to have fight. It was at the 16 minute mark of the 1st period. It was early enough to have a big impact.  In the past the Devils would wait, and noone would pump up this team until it was too late. This time however came in the right spot because the Devils just continued to put pressure on the Predators from that point on. So say what you will about Cam, but his purpose was served in tonight's come from behind victory.

On a side note, after the game Kovalchuk mentioned in his post game interview that the team ate dinner together the night before. I know it sounds cheesy but I am glad to hear them talking openly about bonding. It will be an important part of this team and their chemistry come late in the season.

Let's continue this first win streak of the season when we take on the San Jose Sharks next Friday at Home at the Rock.



  1. Say what you will about Cam Jansen, but suggesting he somehow turned the game around for the Devs by starting that fight is absolutely absurd.

  2. Thats fair, I don't mean the whole game, but the energy shifted. We are used to seeing a Devils team that doesn't stand up or do anything until it's too late. I just like the fact that someone tried getting them going early enough that it could possibly have an effect.

  3. Postgame comments: Janssen said he wasn't hurt at all in fight with McGrattan. "Nah. It looks like I'm off-balance and getting hit but I'm turning my head." DeBoer said Janssen's fight turned the game around. "Sure it does. Absolutely. We're down 2-0 at that point. The guy (Janssen) goes out there and puts it on the line for his teammates. It was a great emotional lift."